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Main Page Crossfire II

Your father died for the state he believed in. Now, 15 years later, the only remains of this state are a group of rebels and you. But the mind lives on. Starting from several star systems far out in the deep space the displaced people still fight on for their ideas. Until one day a third party intrudes in this war...

In Crossfire II you play the role of Karsten, a fighter pilot of the rebels. A wide range of missions awaits you, ranging from escort, defense to large battles in an armada of ships. These missions tell an extensive story with several surprising turns that take you to the strangest places of the known universe.


  • atmospheric story including a wide range of missions
  • rendered graphics and animations
  • atmospheric music that changes with the present situation
  • more than 40 different weapons
  • three different game modes
  • Campaign (single player missions)
  • Dogfight (up to four players versus each other)
  • Survival-Modus (up to four players together versus computer controlled enemies)
  • different versions for AGA (256 colors) and gfx boards (65000 colors)

System requirements:

Minimum: CPU 68030, 16 MByte Fast-RAM, AGA/Gfx Board, 50 MByte hard disc space, 4x CD-ROM drive
Recommended: 040+/PPC, Amiga OS3.9, 32 MByte RAM, Gfx Board, 300 MB hard disc space, 8x CD-ROM drive
Supports: Gfx Boards (HiColor), sound boards via AHI, joypads, 4 player adapters
Works on Classic Amigas, PPC Amigas (WarpOS), Amithlon, WinUAE, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.