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Here you can see one of the weird Scenes in CFII, when there are too many ships involved. Here an attack on armoured repairdocks.

This pic shows, how big-ass-weapons help to tear down a single ship.

This is a pic from the intro.

One of the many Menuscreens. With theese, you can configure the whole game at your likes.

Some foottroops marching on.

This is a pic from the intro.

scene from the survivalmode, where three players have to defeat themselves against hordes of CPU-controlled opponents.

A piece from the tutorial mission, designed to train the newbees the flying and shooting.

Karsten aids in defending with recently captured alien weapons.

The defense line stands yet...

...but THIS ONE will change it.

Still unnoticed: Karsten in a captured alien transporter. Mineral prospectors are doing their work.

Ground attack using a tank. But the ground defense is heavier than expected.

Playing hide and seek in the canyons of a foreign planet.

This stargate must not be lost!

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Crossfire II Banner

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