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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm running the game on MorphOS and I do just hear the music but see no picture. What's wrong with it?

ChunkyPPC has some problems when running on MorphOS. Please run the Prefs Program and choose "Graphics system: AmigaOS" there. This avoids using ChunkyPPC but uses Cybergraphics calls instead.

I see strange gfx errors when playing the game in HiColor. I have a normal Amiga.

In this case you might try "Graphics system: AmigaOS", too. But be warned: The Cybergraphics functions that are used instead of ChunkyPPC are SLOW! On a Pegasos or AmigaOne this doesn't matter but normal Amigas are already at their limits when playing Crossfire II. So don't use the compatible graphics system unless you really have to.

Instead of a 320x240 screenmode it asks me for an 640x480 mode. But the game doesn't look any better now. What the heck do you think higher resolutions are thought for?

This mainly happens on Amithlon systems. Amithlon doesn't offer a 320x240 screenmode (at least my test system didn't have one) so we implemented a special gfx function which zooms the whole screen to a bigger resolution.

But why don't you simply support bigger resolutions then? It would look way better if you'd do so.

A simple test: Press "Cancel" if it asks you for an 320x240 resolution. Another requester will pop up asking for an 640x480 mode. Choose one and you'll see how your Amiga could cope with such an resolution. At least my A4000/PPC couldn't cope with it. And this way the graphics are just zoomed to fit the screen! It would cost way more processor power if the whole frame with all its transparency and blending effects had to be rendered in this resolution.

To summarize it: No way. Not on existing Amiga hardware.

I can't start the Prefs program, it says something about "muimaster.library". What's that?

MUI is an alternative Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Prefs program is based on it. This message says you dont have installed MUI. You can find a demo version of MUI in the "External" directory which is enough to use the Prefs program.

I get a requester telling me "Cannot open window ...". What does it wan't to tell me by this?

The size needed for the Prefs window is bigger than what your present screenmode offers. There's simply no space on screen.

a) Switch to a larger resolution.
b) Click on the Prefs icon, choose "Icon -> Information" from the Workbench menu and edit the line "(SHOWLOGO=on|off|auto)" to "SHOWLOGO=off" (without parenthesis!) there. This suppresses the CrossfireII-logo and such the window fits even at 640x480 screens.

The Animations seem to be slower as planned and the sound breaks every few seconds. That's not as planned, isn't it?

No, it isn't. This might be because your CD-ROM isn't fast enough. Solution: Do a full install.

I've done a full install but it doesn't change!

There might be several reasons:

  • Your hard disc is fragmented too much. Solution: Defrag it. The only program I knew to do this was DiskSalv but there might be others.
  • Your hard disc bandwith is too low. It should at least manage to reach 1MB per second, the more the better. I've seen IDE HDs wrong configured that made 0.3 MB/s at top. No chance this way.

How do I configure it right?

Don't ask me. I'm not an expert in this issue.

Not just the animations but everything in the game looks slow. I can even see the screen updating line per line from the top to the bottom! Is this due to my ZorroII gfx board?

Well guessed. ZorroII has a max bandwith of 1MB/s. You can simply calculate that this restricts everything down to 15fps. And in this case the game hasn't moved a single ship yet!
> Solution: Play it on an AGA screen. Run the Prefs Programm, click on "Flush Screenmodes" and the game will ask you for a new resolution next time you run it. Choose a PAL or NTSC resolution then. I run the game in HiColor at my 68k Processor and in constrast to what you told everywhere it's well playable! But it CRAWLS everytime something fades in or out! What does happen there?

At 8Bit screenmodes you can achieve color changes like fading or the screen flash of bigger explosions simply by manipulating some color registers. HiColor modes aren't like that, there you don't have a palette. If you want the screen to be darker, for example, you have to reacalculate every single pixel on screen. This needs much processor power, even an 060 can't cope with this job.

Solution: Switch off "Screen Fading" and "Screen Flash" in the Misc. Options menu.

There seems to be a joystick button switched to autofire or similar but this happens even if no controller is connected at the joy port at all. Do you guys have mixed up something?

Nope. That's a bug inside the lowlevel.library. On faster processors it has problems determining what type of controller is connected to the port. To the game this looks like a button is pressed continuous. We've put a small tool in the "External" directory called "SetJoyPort" which overrides this detection. Use it if you have problems using your joystick / gamepad / whatsoever.